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GILA BEND February 6-10

When we left Salome we headed southeast to intersect I-10 where we turned east for twenty miles or so before exiting on Highway 85 to head south to Gila Bend. Gila Bend is somewhat of a crossroads in the desert, situated between I-10 and I-8. Located on a big bend in the Gila River, (hence the name) the town's history goes back more than three centuries of serving travelers and tourists. The old Butterfield Stagecoach Line designated the village as a timed stop on the route in 1858, and by 1879 it was a stopover for the railroad. There is not much here to see, but we came here to attend the 5th RV2WAYSAT Rally. This rally was started about the time, five years ago, when satellite dishes for receiving the internet were pretty much a novelty, and too expensive for the general pubic. They had about 70 in attendance that first year. We were here this year with 200 other dish owners.

I attended numerous sessions and heard various panel discussions. Topics covered ranged from system maintenance to VoIP over satellite (talking long distance - free!). There was one session on the new Vista system by Microsoft. This is the next generation up from Microsoft XP. Several new features look interesting, but the advise was to wait a few months before upgrading to let them get all of the bugs worked out. There were sessions on routers too, and I needed help with mine. So I learned how to set it up and encrypt it so my signals cannot be intercepted by others. There were other sessions on computer usage, etc. And while I attended classes, Alice Faye went to a craft class to learn how to make paper and then used the paper to create a couple of greeting cards.

One night our group had reservations at the local Italian restaurant, which could only seat 80. We had signed up early enough to get a seat! They closed the dining room for our group. We were the first to arrive, and saw a couple get very upset because they had to get out before our group arrived. The poor waitress handled it very well, but she took a lot of grief before turning the gentleman (?) over to the manager. The couple stormed out, leaving their uneaten dinner and without paying. Oh well, you cannot blame the restaurant. They had posted a notice that the dining room was to close at 5:00 for our group. They probably don't get a sell-out crowd like ours more than once a year! The meal was very good and we had enough left to take home and eat the next day too. Love it when we get two meals for one!

So we finished up the rally and departed Gila Bend for a short drive to Apache Junction where we will stay for the next week.

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