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Dry landscape

Water and water buffaloes

Yield to water buffalo

A quick nap in a roadside fruit stand

Distance: 113km

It was a long ride, but it whizzed by rather fast. The scenery was more inspiring than before, and I daydreamed a little less. We broke up the distance with a lunch of sticky rice, dried beef and pork cake and a quick rest at a roadside fruit stand. All road signs pointed to Nam Thone. When we arrived there we learned the only guesthouse in town lacked running water - a matter we took seriously after a day's ride. The town had a very neat feel to it, with large trees on either side of the road and countless food vendors, each selling rat and baby-bird saut├ęs among other items. We opted to ride another 6km to the next town. Vieng Kham, which appeared on one of our two maps was small and resembled a typical small highway town. We managed to find a guesthouse with running water, and even a meal with veggies sans meat. After buying a bag of sweet oranges we started to head back to our room. On the way we noticed a field full of kids. We rode down to where the action was and watched a somewhat complicated version of the game of tag play out in front of us. The kids ranged in age from about 1 year old to early teens, both boys and girls. They barely noticed our presence they were so engrossed in the game. We decided to roll oranges onto the field in hopes of confusing the game. It worked. The object of the game became acquisition of as many oranges as possible. I rode my bike back to the fruit stand to get another bag-full. Girls were a lot less aggressive than boys, and ended up with a disproportionately small fraction of oranges as compared to the boys. We were amazed to see them all share their oranges with each other after we rolled the last of them onto the field. One little girl even ran to a nearby house and offered it to her mother.

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