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Above the corel

Fish frenzy

Vix adjusting her snorkel

Just in case ...

Jessica and Alex

Landing on Koh Phee

Off to the corel

Ready steady snorkel

Vix and Jessica

End of a great day

Since arriving at Funky Hut on the less-visited and more tranqui North East coast of Koh Chang, we've barely moved, save for an exciting days motorcycling around the island and a wonderful day's snorkelling. We booked an island cruise (999 BHT), and spent the day among the fantastic fish and corel reefs off the islans of Koh Wai, Koh Baidung, Koh Mak, Koh Phee and Koh Rang. It was calm and the sea was crystal clear

, abundant with tropical fish

and mostly accessible from the pure white sand beaches. The trip was incredibly well organised (Bup-Pha Island Cruise) with a constant flow of refreshments prepared on board. We were joined on the trip by our new friends, Alex and Jessica

We came across a number of 'proper' divers, but i was comforted to know that, like myself, Alan was a tad nervous about bumping into srange creatures underwater. As it was, what we did see was all kinds of beautiful coloured corel, Angel fish, some interesting black and white stripey numbers and some prawns. It seems the squid generally favour deeper waters, as evidenced by the numerous night-time illuminations on the horizon.

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