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A Sperm Whale (honest)




Going, going, gone (apart from tail)


Kaikoura and coastline

I saw a whale today! Kaikoura is a famous whale-watching spot and you can do this by boat or plane. As I'd done the dolphin swimming by boat yesterday I went for the plane option for a change. Plus, with the weather not being great I didn't fancy being on the sea for any length of time in really choppy conditions! The advantage of seeing them from the air is that you get a better perspective of the size and length; the down-side is that it's more difficult to get photos as you're moving constantly and things/people get in the way. Anyway, up I went in an 8 seater and we were airborne for about 50 minutes before we eventually got a glimpse of one. There had been three whales that the boats had been tracking and unfortunately for us, two of the whales had decided to stay submerged (they'd been under for at least 55 mins). We did see one though as he came up for air and it was a mad scramble with cameras to get some shots before he dived back down again. At least the pilot was able to fly round quickly and give each side a decent view. It was incredible though -my photos probably don't do it justice but it was amazing to see this huge creature swimming around, water gushing up from the blow-hole and then see him disappearing back down into the depths.

Unfortunately, the weather got worse over the course of the day and it remained grey, dull and rainy. Several other trips such as swimming with seals had been cancelled due to the conditions, so the hostel was full of people just hanging around. Needless to say there was a fair bit of DVD watching done that day.

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