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View of Waipi'o Valley

At the same spot we also had this view of Maui, another...

Walk down to the Valley. Rental cars are prohibited down this road...

This fellow didn't heed the warning and crashed

Nikki, this picture is especially for you

We found a wild horse in the valley. Apparently there are a...

Waipi'o's Black sand Beach made from lava

The water at Waipi'os beach is usually volatile. We did not swim....

The Valley of the Kings

This is the cliff we hiked up and down to get tot...

This gorgeous valley which has impressive views of a black sand beach, seaside cliffs and also of Maui; a neighbouring island, is also known as Valley of the Kings. It was once home of many early Hawaiian chiefs. The valley is on the north side of the island on the windward side of the Kohala mountains(the oldest of the 5 volcanoes on the island). On the lookout where we stood, which is 2000 ft in elevation, we could see miles of coastline and the valley fringed with black sand beach, which is lava that has been crushed by volatile surf for thousands of years.

Reaching the beach is difficult. Car rental companies prohibit the use of their vehicles down the very steep road, so we walked the mile down. Once we got down, we walked through the valley. We were greeted by a wild horse at the shoreline. It seemed to be pretty used to tourists. After playing in the lava sand we walked to the other end of the beach and took a short hike up the opposite cliff. There we took that unbelieveable shot over looking the valley. We decided to head back knowing that steep climb up was still waiting for us. Well, the mile up felt like 5. Chris and I were very proud of Sisley and Ethan. The hike was challenging for us and they made it up like experts. We even passsed others going up, (who we noticed were complaining about the hike).

In 1975, a tsunami hit Waipi'o Valley and now only a few people live there. While we were there we only saw a handful of tourists, no locals.

That was one of our favorite hikes so far on our trip.

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