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Singha at the gates of Phanom Rung

Temple roof



Entrance causeway

5 headed Naga

Main entrance



Prasat Meuang Tam


Inside Prasat Meuang Tam

Read carefully!

Sadly it was time to leave Laos, so I took a bus from Pakse to Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand and then from there west on to Buriram. It's a small place and there isn't much to see in the town itself (and it has to be one of the few places in the world that doesn't have broadband internet), but about 60km south lie some Angkor-era ruins that I thought I'd take a look at.

I hired a motorbike for the day, and drove myself to the ruins - there are a few in the area but I just went to two: Phanom Rung and Prasat Meuang Tham. Phanom Rung, on top of a big hill overlooking the surrounding plains, has been the subject of a 17 year long restoration project, and so is in good condition, leaving it easier to see what it would have once looked like when it was in use than Wat Phu Champusak in Laos. A long causeway led up to the temple itself, which was contained within an outer wall. The stonework was very impressive - apparently many of the carvings tell some of the stories from the sacred Hindu texts, but not being in any way knowledgeable about such things they were just fantastically detailed carvings. The photos probably do a better job of showing how the place looked than I could descrbe, so take a ganders if you're interested! After Phanom Rung, I drove down the hill on the other side I drive up, down to a sanctuary at Prasat Meuang Tam. This was similar to Phanom Rung, but a bit bigger and in a slightly worse state of repair. Less tourists being there made it more relaxing, with the central buildings having pools of water around the four corners, outside of which were the outer walls. All very interesting!

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