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Arrived in Germany and after quite a few laps on the skyrail managed to find Section B of the terminal I was to depart from.

Went and had my last Mcdonalds to pass the time which it certainly did.

Boarded the flight to Bangalore and would be in Inida in 6hrs time.

During the flight got talking to the guy next to me who said I was lucky to be going as (don't read this bit mum) there were some riots in Bangalore yesterday that turned quite nasty. Think it was about one of the areas of India damming a river and stopping the water to another part of the country. Sounds like Oz. He also gave me some great advice, 'there is nothing wrong with Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, or KFC. You can eat meat in those places'. 'If you can eat there do at least its safe.' hmmmm.......Pizza Hut.

The flight was not to bad, had a little sleep and then after 6hrs landed on what I thought was on the back of another aircraft. On the approach they showed the aircraft positioning and altitude on the screens, we were dropping. Got to 850ft and then bang hit the tarmac, makes you wonder if they can't maintain something that all the passengers see whats the cockpit like. Probably gaffer tape and crocodile clips. Thats German engineering for you.

Temperature was a cool 25 degrees and the bags took 45mins to get through. The airport was about the size of Eastleigh.

Was met by Som whos guest house I was staying at and drove to my bed at 2am.

First impressions of this cosmopolitan Bangalore city, as the Lonely Planet put it, was Beirut.

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