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Andy and Tom letting everyone know the Brits have arrived

Jo and Andy

Playa Caribe

Playa El Agua

And again

Beach bar

Juan Griego Sunset

Juan Griego Sunset

Juan Griego Sunset

Juan Griego Sunset

Juan Griego Sunset

Juan Griego Sunset

Boys at the back...

girls up the front

The island


Big Momma


Surfing the big mommy

Sunset over island

Sunset over island

Sunset at sea

Sunset at sea

Sunset at sea

Sunset at sea


Last night out together

Being silly on the dance floor

and again

Pretty much everybody

Juan Griego Sunset

Juan Griego Sunset

Juan Griego Sunset

Juan Griego Sunset

Friday 26th January

Woke up on the floor of the harbour waiting area in my sleeping bag with people sat all around me. Got back in the bag queue and got our tickets for the ferry. We were all put in different areas wherever they could seat us but after an hour of screaming children I escaped to the top deck and did some more sleeping. Think we were all surprised how baron the island was when we arrived. Got a taxi to Hotel Tamaca in Porlemar and after an afternoon sat in the laundry Jo and I had some lunch and a few well deserved drinks in the hotel garden. Some hours later we seemed to be still sat there with everyone including random new Aussie guy and decided to go out for the night. Half of us didn't make it down from getting ready so Andy, Iain, Tom, Drew and I ended up getting a taxi to what turned out to be a very expensive restaurant which then had a power cut. So we left and ended up in Wendy's for a burger. Back at the hotel and we decided to go out again, so in the second cab of the night Tom, Tom, Iain, Drew and I headed off to a club by the beach. Good night but exhausted after two nights in a hammock and a night on a bus, we all piled back in a taxi to the hotel for some kip.

Saturday 27th January

Good job it's a 1pm check out. Got some lunch and then taxied over to Juan Griego on the other side of Margarita. Checked into Hotel Patrick and then Jo and I went flip flop shopping before heading down to Playa Caribe. Spent the rest of the day laying in the sun and bobbing about in the waves - hey we're in the caribean! Ended up coming home stood up in the back of a truck as there were no taxis. Tapas dinner in the restaurant next door and back to the hotel bar getting to know our Dutch hosts.

Sunday 27th January

More of the same, beach and sun then got some pizza with Drew on the beach front in the evening before heading back to the hotel bar. Went to the bar over the road after and accidentally invaded Jo and Andy's anniverary evening and then went on to prove I am the worst Connect 4 player ever!

Monday 29th January

Rio Caribe again, well it's a great beach! Apart from the fact that the waves are massive. Had a bit of an embarrasing incident and lost my sunglasses, but when it's a choice between lost sunglasses or swimware I'll take the sunglasses. Hauled myself out of the surf semi covered much to the amusement of a couple stood serenely in the water while I had been knocked off my feet but was grateful to turn around and find everyone else nearby on the beach asleep.

Tuesday 30th January

Playa El Agua today after a quick sunglasses shopping trip. Got caught up in even bigger surf this time and by the time I came out choking a bedraggled mess with sand all in my hair I decided to give up on the swimming thing - there's actually a pretty bad rip here. Had some cocktails on the beach as the sun went down and then got pizza and had a night out in El Agua dancing with the locals - and um...lost my handbag and camera.

Wednesday 31st January

Skipped the beach today to have a walk around town and spend time sorting out my lost cards. Had some food with Jo in the evening at the beach restaurant.

Thursday 1st February

Fantastic day out on a catarmaran. Took a couple of hours sailing out to an island where we snorkelled and then headed back with a bit of 'big momma' surfing. I might have given this a go but it required jumping off the front of the boat as it sails over you and grabbing the rope at the back and thought given swim wear limitations this wasn't a good idea..well that's my excuse anyway, it also looked like hard work. Stunning sunset on the way back in. Arrived back in Juan Griego being paddled on big momma from the catamaran to the amusement of people dining on the sea front. Went back to the pizzeria for dinner again.

Friday 2nd February

Did a bit of shopping around the town before heading over to Playa Caribe. Big night out in Porlemar after pizza on the sea front, back in the same club as last week.

Saturday 3rd February

Jo, Rooken and Ben left early for their flights home. Decided to sleep the rest of the day although I was already packed to leave. Went for Chinese with Iain, Tom and Andy in the evening which involved more food than I even want to contemplate.

Sunday 4th February

Yet another Playa Caribe day but avoided the water which seemed to draw attention from a guy who wanted to know why I had spend all afternoon writing my diary?!? Steak House for dinner for everyone and Livu.

Monday 5th February

Andy and Tom left to head down to Brazil. I headed back to Hotel Tamaca in Porlemar to pick up some wired money which wasn't too successful so got some food and an early night.

Tuesday 6th February

A confused trip to the bureau de change, a trip to the airport and too many taxis later I end up back at Juan Griego. Cosh from the hotel offered to help me out tomorrow with his spanish which is considerably better than mine.

Wednesday 7th February

Met Cosh at Italcambio...all sorted after much form filling. Met up with Paul and Gerard for some shopping after, then started getting ready to leave Hotel Patrick, again. A group of Germans and Swedes have arrived so spent the night with Ian and them talking to Paul at the bar after Thom left for the ferry.

Thursday 8th February

Went for the ferry to the mainland but got there to find the next boat wasn't for 9 hours. Decided to go back to Juan Griego and be slightly more organised tomorrow. Hotel Patrick was booked out so had to check into a place on the sea front which was doubling as a gambling place - noisy night! Ate on the seafront one last time, a little strange as over the week it has gone from 9 of us to just me!

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