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The Lighthouse at Bunbury

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The Lookout ar Marlston Hill

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The view from Marlston Hill Lookout...

I arrived in Bunbury in the early afternoon, and immediately walked the 2 blocks to the beach. The weather was vastly better than down south, and again the sea was just beautiful. I spent the afternoon walking the beach and doing a bit of reading on the beach.

The next day I walked donw to the main bay and the Dolphin Discovery Center. Every day, dolphins swim into the pay, actually right up to the shore where they receive just a snack from the DDC volunteers. But you can stand in the water with them and they swim not 3 feet from you. On this particular morning, we had three different animals in - Tangle who had her dorsal fin mangled by a fishing net, her son Turbo, and Levy.

From there I walked up to Marlston Hill Lookout to get a birdseye view of the place...very nice, but very windy...almost lost my hat actually! And by then it was time to catch the bus back to Perth.

I had arranged a few days ago to have dinner with some friends of Bob Berky, my director from Jackson Hole. David and Lynn Blenkinsop had been synonymous with the Perth International Arts festival for 23 years, and they brought Bob and his performance there 3 different times.

David and Lynn picked me up at the train station and took me to there home where we talked theatre for a few hours over a wonderful meal of steamed mussels and prawns.

Many thanks David and Lynn!

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