Jane and Terry - Around the World 21st May '04 to 20th April '05 travel blog

Kangaroo with it's Joey...

JG: More camping (for those of you who keep asking me when the "roughing it" is gonna start there is a photo to prove it) but it was actually quite nice.

Boiling hot, spent a day walking on the first walk I spotted another SNAKE....wasn't a happy bunny, especially when Terry wanted to chase it to get a photo. Apparently it was VERY poisonous! Tez said it looked like a Taipan! Amazing and very rewarding views over the Grampians at the end of the 1 mile UP hill trek!

Another steep trek to gorgeous waterfall but not much wildlife about.

Next evening Tez spotted a couple of Kangaroos on a field so we went over only to find that we were surrounded by them. There must have been 50, it was incredible! A couple had babies in their pouch. If this doesn't convey the experience enough, don't worry I think Tez got a photo of each of them individually so we can share them with you when we return heehee.

TS: Great place. Baking hot, camping great fun, amazing scenery, shedloads of wildlife. Snake was amazing; looked identical to the Taipan - most poisonous snake in the world, but can't be sure. Spoilt it a bit for Jane. Some great walks to fantastic lookout points and waterfalls.

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