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Baboon's keeping watch

Big male lion on the prowl


Vultures flock to a dead wilderbeest


Black Rhino



Cape Cross Seals

Jase Quadbiking in the Namibian Sandunes




Climbing Dune45 for sunset


Us at Fish River Canyon

Entering Namibia and I definately felt like we'd left the heart of Africa behind us now, and now were crossing paths with the South African's on holiday. Don't get me wrong, a fantastic place in its own right still.

Made our way up to the Etosha National Park for our last days game viewing. Etosha was well set up and you actually stayed in fenced camping grounds not designated plots of dirt! This is a massive national park, known for it's extra large elephants - which unfortunately mainly stayed elusive to us, but we did see 2 large male lions, a black rhino and 2 leopards, all hard to see and we hadn't really seen up until that point so all good. Each camping ground was strategically located near a water hole, which was cool at night to watch the animals come down to drink.

After a quick detour to smelly old Seal Colony at Cape Cross - the seals had all recently given birth, lots of young ones everywhere and lots of dead ones everywhere, lovely - we headed down to Swakopmund. Swakopmund is on the edge of Namibia's famous sand dunes, so of course the activites to do were sandboarding - hard - and quad biking through the dunes - good! Amazing driving around the dunes which seemingly go for ever! Sandboarding not so easy when after each run you have to climb back up the sandune in 40 degree heat!

From Swakopmund we headed south to an area called Sossussvlei. This area has some of the biggest and most impressive sand dunes in the Namib desert. The name comes from the Nama people who used to send tribesman into the area to take the diamonds and kill the bushmen. However, when they came to the area, the bushmen would kill them all. The Nama people, who were much bigger, didn't believe it was the bushmen so when their tribesman didn't return home, they thought it was the work of the dunes, hence Sossuss means "the place where people disappear into the sand". Vlei is the area that comes alive approximately every 10 years when the rains come, like the valleys where the rains wash down. There are dead vlei's where the valley's used to be until the dunes have moved over time to cut them off. These area's are so dry that there are trees that have been dead nearly 1000 years, still standing as there is no moisture for them to rot. All fascinating stuff!

Climbed up the infamous Dune 45 to watch the sun go down over the dunes, hard slog up there but very quick coming down!

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