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No time to write, just to update the maps. More to follow

But a huge thanks to Tweeds, Patrick and Sarah for taking out the time to meet us for dinner, and huge huge thanks to Tweeds for paying for us all. What an unexpected surprise, clearly being paid too much at MacQuarie Bank. Patrick says its definitely a first, and most likely a last, so Fuzz and I feel truly privileged that we could be there to share in such a unique experience. Rumour has it that Tweeds worked the next 2 weekends to pay off the dinner bill. What a guy.

Thanks chaps and chappette.


Sydney was alas only a one day stopover, so that Fuzz could see the Bridge and Opera House. It is a gorgeous city as many of you will know, and we spent most of the time just walking around the harbour and into the city. Did a boat cruise on the harbour as well, and well, just looked at all the hot gals who live in that city. I had to poke Fuzz in the ribs to stop looking cos it was getting a bit embarrassing after a while. Unfortunately too short a stay so didn't have time to show Fuzz the beaches or mountains (in the distance), but it was then straight off to the airport to head off to the funny little island of banjo players. Then again, with Tweeds living in Sydney these days, it may not be too long before the banjo crosses the Tasman Sea.

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