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Wax palms- 60 metres tall

Wax palms in the cocora valle

Set ini the coffee growing district of Colommmbia, Salento is a little piece of Paradise which is peaceful and has brilliant views from my hostel window. However, before i arrived I haad to stay in Armenia as the bus from Bogota got stuck in the most horrendous traffic jam. We were stuck for 6 hours on the mountain, not even trying to move and the traffic was stopped the entire way up the mountain. Even the drivers decided to have a bit of a snooze. Consequently, I didn´t arrive in time to get to Salento. I made sure I ws there very early in the morning however.

THe only thing I knew about the town was that it was in a great looking area and that they grew some strange palm trees somewhere nearby. I hired a horse and then followed the woman´s directions- Derecho, derecho, derecho! I guess that is where Í´m going then- derecho! So my horse decided it wasn´t going derecho or anywhere else for that matter, at least not while he ws by himself. The moment two native boys came flying down the hill on their horses, mine decded that not only was it going derecho, but it was going FIRST. Well I certainly got a good ride, but I had no idea that I had to go for about twenty kilometres. WE did this at a trot or canter the whole way.

Lucky for me, the horse knew where it was going and it took me to the most strange place where the trees are 60 metres tall just jutting out of the hillsides and looking very stark against the green grasses of the ccccolombian hills. I had a fantastic timeeeeeee although my butt has almost never been sorer. I could hardly walk, so the long ride back to town in the afternoon, was very long and I had to get off and walk my horse with great frequency.

Needless to say, there was not a whole lot of dancing going on that night, even though the local boys tried to drag me out.

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