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Me, Sue and Mark on my birthday

Karolina and Anna or Sophie

Pre-throwing up

Celebration Bay

Rain in Marahau

To continue last night....Sue and Mark were back from their kayaking trip when I returned, absolutely drenched, from the internet cafe. Yes, unfortunately after my skydive the heavens opened and Nelson was no longer the sunshine capital. Never mind, it had to happen sometime I suppose. Sue and Mark gave me a couple of beautiful paua shells that they'd found on their trip plus an enamelled ceramic tile with a Maori woven basket design on it which is very symbolic. They also took me out for dinner (Thai -my fav). I really have been thoroughly spoiled here.

29th - a very early start as the bus left Nelson at 6.45 (argghh) and we headed up the coast again to Marahau for a sea-kayaking trip. There were only 4 of us plus our guide who was a Canadian girl called Kerry. She was really nice and everything was 'awesome', 'super', or 'outstanding'. We were in double kayaks and my partner was a Chilean girl called Karolina. We got on very well as we were able to chat about places in Chile so that was cool. The other two girls were Danish so it was great to be in a small group and all of us were novice kayakers so we were able to keep together pretty well. The conditions were ideal -the sun was shining and it was fairly calm and it was nice to see the Abel Tasman Nat Park from a different viewpoint. All was going well, Kerry kept telling us how 'awesome' we were and after a short cookie break we headed off to get to our lunch spot about and hour away. Then I started feeling queezy and about 1/2 an hour later I had thrown up over the side of the kayak. I blame the Thai meal or lack of sleep as I refuse to believe that I could get sea sick in a kayak! Thankfully the lunch stop was only about 40mins paddling away so I was pretty glad to get to the beach and lie down for a bit. All was good though and I managed to eat lunch and carry on with the afternoon's paddling without a repeat performance. We got to do a bit of sailing on the way back as well which was great fun. It involved all the kayaks rafting up together and then the back people holding up a sail with their paddles. The front people then had to hold on to the front of the sail with our outside hand whilst holding on to each other's kayaks with the inside hand. When we got our kayaks in the right direction and caught the wind we took off at a great rate of knots. We certainly covered a lot of ground that way and gave our tired arms a bit of a rest. Mind you, trying to keep hold of the sail and the kayaks was probably harder work than paddling! My arms weren't too sore the next day surprisingly but I'm definitely in need of a piriformis release though as my ass was in pain from the seating position and having to have my legs in a laterally rotated position (physios and massage therapists will understand that!) All those trainee advanced remedial therapists take note -I'm a willing case study in March.

By the time we got back to Marahau the grey clouds were approaching and we just got everything unloaded when the heavens opened again. Luckily when I got back to Nelson, Mark was waiting for me in the car -how glad was I! Sue's supervisor had come round for a meal and we had a really nice evening, even though Mark and I got slightly carried away talking about old British TV programmes which went totally over Sue and Jane's head.

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