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Town on the way to summit

Pine forest

Another little town on the side of a hill

A Soviet-made motorbike

Using up any space available to dry grass

Pineapple on the summit

Propaganda poster and a cow

View from the summit

Downhill coasting

A cemetery

Lopsided load

One-foot pedalling (check out the rock counter-weight)

Cham Towers

Cham Towers

Distance: 110km (by bycicle) and about 700km (by train)

We left Dalat late for a number of reasons. We slept through our alarm, took our time over breakfast, discovered a flat, and chatted with a fellow Canadian about traveling while trying to fix it. It was well past 9am by the time we hit the road. We had over 100kms to go, but we didn't worry since we knew we were in for a good 40km of fast downhill coasting. The first 40kms or so were more or less uphill. We enjoyed some tasty pineapple before our descent. The view on top was beautiful, with a pancake-flat valley bottom (except for one bump), and mountain ranges in the distance. Then we hit some major flats, where we struggled against some powerful headwinds.

We made it to the Cham Towers shortly before 5pm, stopping on the way for some great coffee and cane juice. Once there we met three Dutch cyclists, and found out that it is possible to catch an overnight train to Hoi An. We never made it to Phan Rang (our original destination), stopping a few kilometers shy of it.

After a dinner near the train station, followed by some waiting time we boarded the overnight train to Tam Key, not as near Hoi An as we were lead to believe (serves us right for not checking with the map).

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