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I couldn't be further from Jackson Hole, WY and I see this...

The Rocksheen Villa - Trou aux Biches

Guard-Tortise for the Rocksheen Villa

The Door Fell off the Bus

The Market in Port Louis...the Capital

The Market in Port Louis...the Capital

The Market in Port Louis...the Capital

I had been thinking quite a bit about where I am on the globe here in Mauritius. They have a world map up in the hallway at Le Bamboo, and I had been looking at where Mauritius is relative to Jakcon Hole, WY. Basically, I think it's the furthest point from Jackson Hole serviced by commerical airlines (there is some French Island Way, Way South that is further, but I'm making a point.)

So wasn't I surprised the morning I was leaving Rocksheen villa to find a copy of Aama translated in German on the shelf of the book exchange. This would not be such a big deal except that Aama, I believe is about a Nepalese woman who travels to America with an American journalist. That journalist is Broughton Coburn, current resident, Jackson Hole, WY, frequent font-of-house volunteer for the Off-Square Theatre Company and erstwhile voice of Drover, Hank-the-Cowdog's trusty sidekick (I've never used "erstwhile" but you never know until you try)

Small world.

I headed down to the beach for a morning of sun and then caught the bus back to MAhebourg via the capital of Port Louis. It was a pretty busy, fuming port, but I managed to find the market, and there is someting about markets that I find comforting and settling. Mayube it's the order of it...all that fruit and veg so neatly arranged and ordered (often apparently by color!?) Or maybe its just the ubiquity of them...everywhere in the world, people go to markets and buy fruits and vegetables. The languages might be different, but the sounds, and the energy is very much the same.

I arrived back at Le Bamboo and checked into my 6th different room there (I had moved around beacause of the aircon, and then some over booked nights I had spent acutally in Privid's residence downstairs!)

Now, I sign out and get ready to leave for my flight to Perth...4 hours early!!

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