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Me and Hu Down by the Schoolyard...Okay Down by the Beach

The View to the West from Black River Gorge

Snake Idols at Grand Bassin...Hindu Temple

The Hindu Faithful at Grand Bissan

The Beach at Souillac

Separating the Husks from the Tea

What Would a Complete History of Tea be Without the Boston Tea...

Vishnu at Grand Bassin Hindu Temple

Kite Surfing on Mauritius

Carp at LeVal Nature Park

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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The Tea-Bag-O-Matic in Action!

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Mauritian Infomercial...Ronco Look Out!

We of course had the requisite cultural exchange of the famous Abott and Costello routine which seem to translate to the Cinese sense of humor quite well.

Hu, Guy and I set off for the day to tour the sites of Southern Mautitius ... the Bois Cheri tea factory, Grand Bissan Hindu Shrine, the Black River Gorge Naional Park with its mountains and waterfalls, the southern coast and beaches of Bel Ombre and Souillac. It was all in all a nice change from Mahebourg and great to see some of the other parts of the island.

My undying gratitude to Hu for such a wonderful day!

The next day was somewhat of a washout with heavy rain showers all day, but we were all cntent to sit in the restaurant and play game after game of Rummy 500. Guy left that morning and was replaced by Jeremy who was returning home to Sydney after 6 weeks holiday in South africa with his college buddies. Another friend of his, Mark, ahd passed through on Thursday, and still two more of there crew would pass though on Monday and Wednesday. Thery were all heading back to Sydney, but it gives you aidea how booked up the flights are.

On Monday, Christian returned from Reunion Island where he'd spent the last 4 days. We'd met my first night, and missed each other the next day when he was touring around in his rental car. He knocked on my room door in the morning, but I had switched rooms over night as the fuse in my aircon unit blew. We spent some time in the weekly market on Monday morning and then took a ride out to LeVal and a nature park they had there. It was a nice little jaunt, but we wound up getting caught in a torrential downpour and had to walk 2 km or so back to the bus stop at St. Hubert (Sanchubere)

It was Tuesday the 16th when I went back to the airport to confirm my flight for Friday, and it was quite a shock when they told me that flight was completely booked as were most of the remaining flights that month! Fortunately for me, they added a second flight on Saturdays and while it was booked, they could put me on the waitlist.

I once again returned to LE Bamboo where Privid and his wife Reshma met me. Reshma couldn't help but laugh, and while it may sound callous, it was exactly what I needed to lighten me up. I had also tried e-mailing my South African travel agent to see if she could help on her end, but the best she could do was the waitlisted seat on Sat the 20th and a confirmed seat the next Friday.

Privid asked me for my ticket and calmly picked up the phone and called Air Mauritius. It must have been 10 minutes or so of quiet French conversation, before he hung up , but when he did, I had my confirmed seat for Saturday January 20!

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