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Interesting Gum Tree!

Another UFO!

View from the Riverside Walk

Another interesting Gum Tree!

Fiona taking time out on the bike ride!

Beautiful shot of the river and moss on the bank

Fiona & Paolo up close & personal!

View down the Murray River

Arty shot!

A photo to reflect on!

Pretty Flower with a guest!

The bark of one of the gum trees

The peeling bark

Roo's by the campsite

Run, roo, run!

I'm off!

Paolo taking a break

Lake Jindabyne

Lizard preparing for lunch!

Flaming Galahs!

The biking injuries!

Arnold Schwarzenegger eat your heart out!

Another view from the riverside walk

Looking down the murray river

Spot the bug!

Shame about the house in the reflection!

Another view from the riverside walk

Arty river shot!

Some of the scenery around Thredbo (on the riverside walk)

Highest golf course in Oz

Birdlife in Thredbo!

Fiona looking cool in a kayak!

Helicopter picking up water from the lake for the bushfires

Iain taking a break!

View from the shore of one of the islands

Gold dust!

10th Jan - Left Katoomba at 9.30 for the long drive down to Jindabyne. Amazing to watch the scenery change on the way with views reminiscent of Dartmoor in place. Arrived at our caravan park at 5 and checked into our cabin. Park is right by the lake and even has a sauna and spa which was a pleasant surprise. Had dinner, a couple of beers and went to bed.

11th Jan - Wow, it's seriously hot! Mid to high 30's today (and yet we're in the Snowy Mountains!!). Fiona was persuaded to try Mountain Biking so we all hired bikes and took the cycle track around the lake into Jindabyne, approx 3km one way. Saw a snake (a copperhead we think) and loads of beautiful grasshoppers with bright green and yellow wings when in flight. Fiona came off her bike (when virtually stationary!) onto gravel and skinned both knees and then Paolo slipped whilst trying to help her up a hill and grazed his knee and leg quite nastily. Miraculously Iain managed to avoid any injury for the remainder of the journey into town. Fiona and Paolo raided the pharmacy in Jindaybyne for alcohol wipes and iodine (ouch!). Did some internet stuff and enjoyed a good cup of coffee and then headed back to our cabin. Quiet evening all followed with Fiona and Paolo licking their wounds!

12th Jan - A lazy morning followed by a 3km walk to the local Bowling club to sign in as day members and enjoy cheap beer whilst watching the one day international between England and Australia on the big screen. 3 beers came to $7 which was a very pleasant surprise, about half the normal pub price!. At the half way point we got a taxi back to our cabin and sat in comfort to watch the rest of the thrashing!

13th Jan - After brunch, Iain and Fiona hired a canoe for a couple of hours whilst Paolo stayed in the cabin as he was not feeling well. We rowed across Lake Jindabyne and made our way to one of the islands on the lake. We then waded across a narrow channel between 2 islands and did a bit of exploring. The silt of the lake has shiny bits in int, we think this was gold dust as the area used to be 'gold rush central' and produced some of the largest amounts of gold in Australia. In nearby Thredb, the gold rush was triggered when a 9kg nugget was found. Paolo and Iain played tennis in the evening before we settled in to watch a move with a Thai takeaway for dinner.

14th Jan - After a hearty breakfast we headed for Thredbo and the Kosciuszko National Park. Took a drive through the National Park but not much to see at the view points because of the nearby bushfires, too much smoke!! On our way back to Thredo for lunch we did our good deed for the day by picking up a guy whose Land Rover had broken down on one of the windy roads about 10km outside Thredbo with his family stranded in the back!! Had a nice lunch at Thredbo and then went on the 3km Riverside Walk, such different scenery to what we've become used to,many of the trees are dead/dormant because of the severe bushfire season in 03/04 which destroyed a huge amount of the National Park. Hauntingly beautiful. Stopped for a beer before heading back to Jindabyne for a quiet evening before our long drive to Melbourne the next day.

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