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Me and my koala

Moon rising while on the ferry to Fraser Island

Esther, Susanne, and Arianne

Me, Andrea, and Rob (notice the girl being trying to be funny...

Me and Carmen

Got up shortly after 5:00 and headed off to the Koala sanctuary. Queensland, Australia is the only place in the world where you are allowed (legally) to hold a Koala so we all got our pictures taken (coming soon to a computer near you). Back on the bus to Noosa Heads where we had a couple hours for lunch. Reminded me of La Jolla or Laguna Beach in that they are small, expensive, and beautiful communities. Lunch was good, right off the beach, and then back on the bus to the ferry for Fraser Island. Something I take for granted, having grown up on the water, is never having been seasick. It was amazing how many people had trouble with the ride (about 40 minutes) from the mainland to the island. We arrived without incident, though, and checked into our accomodations. They are called "Eco-lodges" but they weren't so bad. (It does seem that Australians don't wash their faces; there is a severe lack of washcloths so I'm glad I brought my own.) Went to the "Dingo Bar" for dinner and hung out the rest of the evening. However, I had started to feel a cold coming on (I can't quite keep up with the younger crowd anymore) so I headed to bed relatively early.

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