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Again, we only stopped here for the 1 night and although it had quite a nice little plaza thing going on, 1 night is all you would stop here. Unfortunatly, our stay started badly as somebody stole Pops fleece from the coach. This happened when we had to leave the bus to go thru an immigration point that turned out to be very confusing. Lack of obvious directions on what to do meant that along with the drivers assistant we had to leave the coach, go thru, then get back on the next bus to catch ours up which had gone on ahead without us (does that makes sense?). During this time, all the remaining passengers had left the bus as they were not continuing over the border and some B*****D did a runner with the coat.

The remainder of our stay in town was mostly spent waiting for our 18hr overnighter to Lima. They were a couple of decentish little cafes to sit in and the plaza was good for an hour or so of people watching.

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