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boat ride to other side of the Nile

riding donkeys to the Valley of the Kings

yee ha

our group in the Valley of the Kings

Hatshepsut's Temple

Our ride back to the Nile

the view of the Nile from our boat

Edfu Temple

Ryan getting ready for a swim on the deck

Kom Ombo (Crocodile) Temple at night

Smoking shesa (tobacco) at the local cafe


Playing with the local band

Dressed up for the Egyptian party

Paul (this is for my sister, Room 203)


Ryan (dressed up as our tour guide) and our tour guide, Teefa

Roxanne and Ash

Emma and Pip fighting over the last spoon


Abu Simbel

The height of the statues in comparison to Melissa

felucca ride to Nubian village

Sunset on the Felucca

local boy singing

Melissa getting a hena tattoo at our Thanksgiving dinner in the Nubian...

Philae Temple

Camel ride to Christian monastery

sufi dancer on nile dinner cruise

We finished our last adventure in Luxor by riding donkeys to the Valley of the Kings. The ride back had two mishaps, while running my saddle came undone and Melissa's donkey was frightened by falling rocks and panicked, both of us managed to hop off before hitting the ground. One of our group wasn't so lucky. Paul's donkey was frightened by a dog and he hit the ground pretty hard and required medical attention for his back.

That afternoon we boarded our boat to start our three day cruise up the Nile. I would say it was much more of a riverboat and not a cruise liner which made it more intimate, but it was a blast. We spent the first afternoon and night just cruising up the Nile towards Aswan which was nice to just relax. The next day was full with visiting Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo temple at night, smoking sesha and drinking tea at a local cafe. We finished the night off with an Egyptian party on the boat. I must say I can't remember laughing that hard with the games we played. We finished the cruise in the City of Aswan which is in the southern portion of Egypt. We got up at 3:30 am to catch the early flight to Abu Simbel which is the temple for Ramses II. I took a picture of Melissa next to one of the statues to give you some idea how large they are in person.

Once back in Aswan we rested for a couple of hours and then got on a felucca and sailed up the Nile to a Nubian village for dinner. It was a new way for us to celebrate Thanksgiving. The following day we took a boat ferry out to Philae Temple and then spent the afternoon riding camels to a Christian monastery escorted by two armed guards.

Tonight we take the overnight train back to Cairo and spend one more day with our group before they all leave to go back home and Melissa and I head off to Alexanderia with the tour guide and Gloria for a couple of days.

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