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The Sandal Doctor

The Patient

Walled City of Dali (with HongHeng Temple in Background)

Back Alley of Dali

Calligraphy Lesson

My Teacher

Signing his Name

I was just walking along minding my own business (as I always do!) when this Chinese man came up and took my shoe. Actually, he reached down, and pointed to my left shoe. Turned out he was a shoe shine/repair man. I hadn't even noticed but the back buckle of my sandal had complete torn away from the sole. But at 200 yards this man noticed a potential customer! He dragged me over to his "shop" (the steps of the bank), and proceeds to glue my sandal. He plasters this smelly goop into the soles and buckles, and then suddenly, he drops my shoe and disappears. Minutes later he appears with an awl, and very strong twine-like string. He pierces the sole of my sandal as I sit and cringe. "I'm not sure if this is good for the intregity of my sandal's sole, but what choice do I have!" With the precision of a surgeon, he stitches the wound in my sandal. Then he decides that my other sandal needs the same treatment. A quick brush, and my sandals have never looked better or stronger!

Besides having my shoes stolen off my feet, I also did a few other activities in Dali, such as walk the city wall, visiting temples, enjoying a Calligraphy Lesson, and tea house hopping. There are so many neat teas in China. Customs may wonder if I am opening up my own teahouse since I am bringing home quite the collection of teas (and tea pots). Tea tasting (and buying) is definitely my weakness in China.

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