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Its been awhile since I have written anything. This is mostly because I didn't know how to explain what I've been up to. You will probably think I'm crazy (not that most of you don't already think that!) Intrigued? Well, read on...

After 6 months on the road, I was definitely in need of R & R. So when in Asia the most obvious place to go would be the beaches of Southern Thailand. So March found me on the island of KoPhaNgan. But not one to do anything half-way or the usual way - my beach experience was not typical.

I found myself spending 3 weeks at the Sanctuary. Sanctuary - even the name sounds peaceful, tranquil, everything a beach vacation should be - but with a slight twist. The Sanctuary specializes in fasting, liver cleanses, meditation and yoga. Yes, that's right - I'm come to Thailand - home of some of the best food in the world, and I'm going to not eat!!

At least I'm not going to eat for 1 week - 7 days - 168 hours - 10,080 minutes. Whichever way you look at it - only liquid was going to past my lips. Well, liquid, and a really awful tasting concoction of Psyllium Husk and clay.

"Why?", you ask, would someone fast for 7 days. For me, I wanted to rid my body of the toxins, and meat by-products. During my time at the Yoga Ashram in India, I met several people who were doing a 2 week fast. Their stories intrigued me, or I did some research, and decided to check out the Sanctuary. Well, gory details aside, it was a week of learning, rashes, headaches, bonding (with the other fasters), and something I highly recommend.

Its been 4 weeks since I finished the fast, and this is what I know:

I lost 4.4 kg and many inches (your body uses its fat reserves during a fast, and heaven knows I had more then enough reserves!)

I gained a positive image of myself and my body

I learned a lot about my colon, intestines, liver, and their functions (in some cases, more information than I really needed to know!)

I lost all cravings for sugar and sweets (yes, its true - sell off your Dairy Queen stocks cause the company will be going bankrupt without its #1 customer)

I have cravings for salads and other raw foods

The wart I had on my foot is cleared up - I spent numerous trips to various doctors to get rid of it - Canadian medicine (Regina), Chinese medicine (Beijing), Indian medicine (Kerala) - nothing worked

My skin is clear and healthy - they say that if your liver is not performing correctly that your body uses the skin to remove impurities

Unfortunately for me, I lost my camera. Fortunately for you, it had photos of my fasting experience, which now are lost forever. So there are no photos of the amazing stuff that came out during my fast. Yes, we all took pictures. The most amazing photos came during my liver cleanse - hard to believe that it all came out of me! I will just leave it to your imagination. The one photo which I wish you could see was a movie of me drinking the liver cleanse drink - part olive oil, part lime juice. Very sour, and my facial expressions had my fellow fasters rolling in the aisles with laughter. To say the least my taste buds are highly sensitive to sour tastes!

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