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No - I'm not worried about my sanity, although many people say I am mad about travelling! This entry is about toilets. My first experience with a Thai toilet to be exact. One would think that after travelling for 6 months in Asia, nothing would surprise me in the toilet department. I walked into the toilet of a restaurant to quite a sight. I first questioned if perhaps I had walked into the men's toilet (it sortof looked like a urinal except on the floor). Asian squat toilets are flush (no pun intented) with the floor with either footprint imprints or photos showing you where to squat. Thai toilets work in a similar manner except that the footprints are 10" inches off the ground. Imagine squatting while your feet balance precariously on white procelin 2" ledges! Thanks God I have tiny feet. Can you image the balancing act if you have large feet?? Fortunately, the hotel has a western toilet :)

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