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Arrived in Bangkok today. Hit the streets immediately to check out this weird and wonderful city. I found a tiny, family-run restaurant, and natually I had to order the national food - Tom Yam Soup.

But I swear this food is staring at me. It has the biggest prawns I have ever seen, and they are staring at me with their beady eyes. In this town becareful what you ask for. I asked for spicy soup, and now I have no feeling in my lips or tongue.

Bangkok is full on - my hotel is in the centre of Koh Sahn Road - the travellers' haunt of many years. It is full of hotels, bars, restuarants, tatoo parlours, etc. There seem to be two distinct type of travellers - tatooed and non. I just saw a mini-bus full of tatooed people. Arm-length tatoos, and those were the women! Along the road, there are dozens of make-shift stalls selling everything. Some of the vans are VW vans with the side opening to show their wares. There is even a mobile VW van bar selling shooters, and cocktails.

In Canada, there is a term "Gas Bar". This usually refers to a smallish gas station with one or two gas pumps, and a small booth. In Bangkok, the term "Gas Bar" has a whole different meaning! Gas station during the day, open-air bar at night. I swear this is the truth. At 9:00 pm, little tables and chairs surround the gas pumps, a mobile DJ is installed in the little booth, and magically you have another bar on Kho Sah Road. Just to confirm, I walked by this place and during the day, it is a regular gas station.

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