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Picking Poppies (Opium)

Lady Who Gave Me the WaterBuffalo Milk

Cornflakes and Milk (WaterBuffalo)

We arrived at a tiny village called Bijaipur. It doesn't exist on anyone's map, and its not discussed in any of our guidebooks. It must be a great place...

The castle is amazing. Rebuilt by the family as a hotel, but the best thing about this place was the chai, and the cornflakes....

One of the tours included a look at the surrounding villages. One of the villages grows poppies. Yes, the opium poppies. The goverment issues licenses to farmers to legally grow opium. Fields of white flowers surrounded our jeep. In march, the flowers (which look like little tulips) will fall away, leaving a kiwi-sized fruit. At night, the farmer will cut the fruit (1" slice), and the next morning they squeeze the liguid. The liquid is sold to the government. The fruit is dried, and the seeds are removed. The dried fruit is sold in the market, as are the seeds.

In the next village, we meet a lovely family. I asked the Grandmother if I could take a photo of her. I showed her the photo, and told her I would send it to her. Later she come over and started chatting with me. Our tour guide translated. She gave me an entire run-down of her family history, and offered me some Water-Buffalo milk.

Recipe for Water-Buffalo Chai

Boil milk immediately after milking your buffalo, and store in frig.

1/2 cup water-buffalo milk, mixed with 1/8 cup water

cinnamon stick

fresh ginger



Boil milk/water mixture. Add black tea, and spices to taste. Steep for 10 minutes. Use extra water-buffalo milk on your cornflakes for next morning's breakfast

Very Yummy!!!!

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