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Making a Wish at the Mosque

Tie a String - Make a Wish

Blue is the colour of the Brahim caste (priests). They painted their houses this colour, but today everyone paints their house blue. It is supposed to keep them cooler in the hear of the Rajastan desert, and to keep away mosquitos (blue clothes don't seem to work for me - you should see my mosquito bites!).

This bustling desert city is the second largest city in Rajasthan after Jaipur. Perched on a 150 m high hill is the most formidable and magnificent fort in Rajasthan - MEHRANGARH FORT. At least that is what the tourism brochures say. But this time they are not wrong. This is one of the best forts in India. It was founded in 1459 but subsequent rulers of Jodhpur have also added to it over the centuries. A meandering road leads from the city 5 kms below.

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