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I arrived in Cochin, and immediately felt in love with it. The people are friendly and laid-back. Cochin is a former Portugese colony so there is an equal number of Christians, Muslims, and Hindus. Its really hot, and humid. It is in south west India on the Arabian Sea.

I have two goals for this area. Learn to cook Indian food, and have an Ayvendic body detox. Cochin looks like the perfect place to do both.

After 2 afternoons of cooking lessons with Maria, my Indian repart includes: dahl, vegetable korma, 3 types of chapati, masala fish fry, fish curry with coconut, white squash with coconut. I can also make from scratch coconut milk, coconut cream,garam masala (because you would never want to buy the commerial-made stuff). So I promised Maria that I never will buy the store-brought stuff!! Maria's family runs a small guesthouse, and cafe in Fort Cochin. She is an amazing cook. She personalizes the cooking lessons so you can learn to make whatever you want. I have to admit that Maria's fish fry and curry has been the best meal I have had in Cochin (and the cheapest). My cooking lesson was 3 hours each day, and only cost 200 Rs ($5 CDN), plus you get to eat your lesson!!

Besides cooking lessons I wanted to check out the local Ayvendic clinic. Ayvendic is a traditonal Indian medicine. I had always wanted to check it out, but the closest clinic in Canada is in Vancouver. So I met the doctor, and he setup a program for me. For 5 days at 10:00 am. I start with a oil massage for 1 hour, and then a hot lemon bath for 1 hour. On each day I am given a litre of tea made from vega tree bark (it tastes good). I still have a problem with that wart on my foot. Canadian doctors gave me stuff, but it still exists. This doctor gave me a strange smelling, green-brown liguid that stains everything it comes in contact with! In the last 5 days, my wart is almost gone! I also have a tonic to drink, and a paste to eat. This is suppose to cleanse my system, and clear up my skin. I am also suppose to eat a vegetarian diet, and especially avoid eggs as the docto says that makes my skin worse.

Don't know if it will help, but the massages, and lemon baths are very relaxing. Great way to start the morning, and a whole lot more fun than what Canadian doctors prescibe!

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