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The Golden Temple


After a week in Islamabad waiting for my Indian visa, I crossed the border into India. I have never been so happy to leave a place as Islamabad. Most people worry about Delhi belly, well I had Islamabad belly. For 3 days, I have never been so sick. I left Islamabad to go back to Peshawar, and was healthy. Within .5 day back in Islamabad, I was sick again. I even stayed at a really nice hotel, and ate at good restaurants. Funny thing is I didn't have any problems in Delhi.

My first stop is India was Amritsar- famous for the Golden Sidgh Temple. I travelled with an English girl. She said that this temple is equal to the Taj Mahal (which she had seen 3 days eariler). That is quite a statement, for I don't think I have ever seen anything more beautiful than this temple at night. There is a very special atmosphere, this is a very holy and spirtual place.

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