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We left our jeep and driver in Chitral town, and took a minibus to Peshawar. This is without a doubt the worst decision I have ever made in my life!!! Image a minibus just a bit longer then the average mini-van owned by millions of Canadian families. Now image 18 people plus 1 driver in the mini-van. Four rows of seats each with 4 people. We were in the back row, and believe me I had no leg room. I have no idea how my travel companions survived as they are much taller than me. So 10 hours, and 4 stops later we arrived in Peshawar. I have never been so happy to arrive somewhere!!!

Peshawar is famous for several things - the border to Afganistan, hash (and I don't mean hash brown potatoes!), and carpets.

I tried to avoid it - really I did. I did not go into one carpet store during the entire 4 days we were in Peshawar. Then the morning of our final day I met the Carpetman of Peshwwar. He invited me for tea, and I couldn't say know. Next thing I knew, I was back at the hotel calculating how much cash I had! I dragged Khadji and Gary back with me. Initally Khadji thought I was crazy to spend that much on a carpet, but when she saw it, she retracted her comment. Its on display at Rainie's house in Regina until my return to Canada.

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