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The Nagar valley is the next stop south of the Hunza Valley. It has a very different look. Not as green and lush as the Hunza. We stayed at a beautiful guesthouse in Minapin at the base of Mount Rakiposhi. We hiked to the base camp, saw snow, and immeidately ran back down the mountain. Just don't want to see that white stuff! Our plan is to get a bus in two days and go to Gilgit. There have been many problems in this town. and we have heard all the stories. For the last 2 weeks of travelling, the town has been closed to travellers, and there has been a curfew. Fighting has occurred between the shite and sunni muslims in the town. The army came in to break it up, and people were shoot. But its a central transportation point, so we must go.

We haveorganized a jeep for a 5 day journey to Chitial via the chitial Valley. To go south fromGilgit will be a tough journey due to the earthquake,so we are going east to Chitial, and then south to PEshwar.

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