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Crescent Moon Lake

The Caravan (Nick, Janey & Eric)

Me and my Shadow

The Quick Way Down

Sunrise over the Dunes

Waiting for the Sunrise

5:30 am - Even the Camels aren't awake yet! Our camels climbed the Dunes outside of Dunhuang, and took us on a magical journey. The sky was brilliant, alive with stars. It was so peaceful as we were the only people up there. The only noise was the occasional bray from our camels. What noise do camels make? We scrambled up the final dune and sat on the ridge awaiting the sun. It was cold bu refreshing. As I practiced my caligraphy in the sand, we marvelled at the silence. Suddenly, it started getting really cold, and the wind picked up. For 15 minutes, we huddled as a mini sand-storm engulfed us. (By the end of the day, 2 digital SLR cameras would die due to the sand).

The sunrise was amazing. Afterwards, we took the easy way down to our waiting camels- sandsled (see photo). By this time, the lazy tourists were showing up so it was time to leave. So we hopped on our camels for a beautiful rike over to the Crescent Moon Lake, a small oasis in the middle of the Desert.

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