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This is THE MARKET I have come all this way to see. The Kashgar Sunday Market is one of the oldest, and definately the largetst markets in Central Asia (possibility the world).

The market consists of tweo sites - the animal, and merchant markets. First stop - the animal market. We created a convoy of 4 taxis to take us to the market. We arrived at the market less one taxi. WQe weren't sure we were in the right place - there were no animals! So we chatted with an electonic motortaxi driver who informed us that the animal market was 2 miles away. So 9 of us piled into the back of the mototaxi and we chugged down to the animal market. Eventually we found our lost friends, and all made it to the right market.

TYhe animals and their handlers were interesting, but the other foreign tourists were even moreinteresting to watch. Lots of camels,donkeys, cows,and sheep for sale. I avoided any temptation to buy - the donkeys were very cute, but just wouldn't fit in my backpack.

Onwards to the Sunday market. This is the market of my dreams - it so lives up to my expectations. The nois4e, people, cars,vendors, foos, chaos was amazing. Entering one dot eht alley ways you enter anotherworld. From the chaos of Tuman Road to the chaos of a differnt sort. Little alleys of vendors selling Russian hats, mink stoals, miles of hats, shoes, carpets. Each section, and alleyway holds another treasure. A maze of tiny shops adn vendors. Getting lost is the best way to immerse yourself in this market. Acceptance that one Sunday is not enought time to see every one of its exotic corners, nooks, and crannies.

Sit with the carpet sellers, drinking tea and admiring/choicing a carpet - Afgan, Uzbek, Persian, Felt, Camel, Wool, Silk - the options are endless. Yes - I did finally make a choise. a silk on silk Tabriz carpet (about the size of a door).

I ended my market day sitting on Tuman Road with the Yogurt ladies. Dozen of Uighur ladies sit on the side of the road with tubs of yogurt for sale. Its a great way to end your day. Sitting with a tart homemade yogurt served by a smiling Uighur lady - watching the Kashgar market from across the road. The sights and atmosphere live up to all of my expectations.

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