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Doors of Mingfeng

Farm Gate

Traditional Mingfeng Cab - more of these then cars

Camel Crossing - Takliaman Desert

Wild Camels in the Desert

Camel Shrubs

Well the vacation is over. Today is my first day of unemployment (Leave of Absense). It feels a bit strange. We arrived in Mingfeng last night, after a long, long bus ride through the Takliaman Desert. Mingfeng is not a tourist town, just a small Ugihur town. Wandering through the dusty streets of this border town one sees the real Muslim China. Dozens of little courtyard houses line the street, their interiors hide gardens, and tiny farms complete with chickens and lambs.

Only a short respite from the bus ride, as at 11:00 am we are off to Khotan.

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