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Cotton Buds...but no chocolate

Home Sweet Bed

Halls of History - Peace Hotel

Rooftop Terrace - Former Penthouse of Victor Sasson

The Bund (Peace Hotel in Center)

I was so tired when I arrived at the hotel that I really didn't pay attention. I got lost this morning going from my room to the elevator. This place is a maze of hallways, and multiple elevators. It took me 10 minutes to find the right hallway. I was so tired that it wasn't until this morning as I was in the elevator that I realized my hotel was THAT hotel. I'm staying in the PEACE HOTEL. The Peace Hotel is the most historic and treasure property in Shanghai. The south building was built by the British in 1906, and is the oldest building on the Bund. The north building where I am staying was formerly the Cathy hotel (1929), and was known as the private playroom of its owner Victor Sassoon, a wealthy landowner who invested in the opium trade. One of the photos (to be uploaded soon) is of his penthouse on the rooftop garden. I didn't clue into any of this until today's elevator ride. When I finally found the elevator it showed a diagram of the hotel, and explained its history. So I can now say "I've had my cottonbuds". I should explain. Last January, I went to my friend's Amy's wedding in Vancouver, and stayed at the 5star hotel - Pan Pacific. I had high expectations for this hotel as I had never stayed in such a hotel before. Micheal Palin in his book "Around the World in 80 days" talks about staying at the 5 star Hotel Pennisula in Hong Kong. He joked that they turned down his bed, but instead of a chocolate he was left a nail file, and a cottonbud. "The nailfile was a bit chewy, but the cottonbud was lovely". Well the Peace Hotel lived up to my expectations - cottonbuds, nailfile, toothbrush/toothpaste, soaps, foam bath, loofah brush, etc. (All for free). I highly recommend starting your trip this way :)

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