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Still waking up early - walked down to the park for Taichi. Its 5:30 am, and still the little old ladies have beaten me! What time do they start?? My adventure for this day is to find the chopstick museum. The Shanghai brochure refers to a section of Shanghai which has been restored to what it was like in the 1920s. Off I went to find Duolun Road. The taxi driver took me through some pretty non-touristy areas, and at one point I questioned if I wasn't being taken for a ride (no pun intended). Finally, we arrived at the stone gate of Duolun Road. The area is full of quaint little shops, mostly antique. Wandered into one shop, and purchased a small photo of the Bund from 1945. Asked the owner for directions to the chopstick museum. He led me out of his stop, and down the block to a little shopfront. The doors were half-closed, and an old man peeked out. I asked him for the chopstick musuem. He handed me a book about chopsticks. I repeated the chinese word museum. He flipped to the last page in the book which was a picture of him in front of his little museum. This was the chopstick museum. I was a bit shocked, but paid the admission and was led into a bizarre little store/house/museum?? On each wall of the little room were floor to ceiling glass cabinets filled to the rafters with chopsticks, and chopstick holders, chinese soup spoons, and shopstick sheal

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