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Blustery Bells Beach

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Koalas in the wild

The Twelve Apostles

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A photo just do it justice!!

We left Melbourne after a leisurely start, and made our way out of town toward Lorne. Needless to say it was raining as we headed out, just to see us off. The drive to Lorne was uneventful (mostly down a four lane highway) until we approached Torquay. From this point we were on the Great Ocean Road. We pulled in to Bells Beach for a look, however by then the weather had turned somewhat bitter( I think it hates us), and was now not only raining but had decided to throw in some gusty, icy winds just for good measure. However, once we climbed down to the beach itself from the high vantage points it was somewhat calmer, and with a little imagination one could just about imagine what it would be like on a nice sunny, warm day. The idea of actually swimming was totally out of the question, which was a bit of a shame. After a short drive we came upon Anglesea and a market that was struggling itself with the wind and rain. We decided to stop and have a look around; however, once again we were beaten back by the rain and so retreated to Harvey to continue on. We pulled into Lorne around mid afternoon, surprised at how busy it was, there were people everywhere. After checking in to the Caravan Park, which was right in the heart of the town we went for a bit of a walk (dodging more showers) around to see what we could see.

This morning we spent a little more time around the town and some time after lunch headed out again along the Great Ocean Road. It was almost immediately obvious on this leg as to why it was given its name. The scenery was absolutely spectacular; the road hugging the coastline, following it's every twist and turn. At one point we came around a bend to see quite a few people gathered around the side of the road, all with their gaze looking upward. Curiosity got the better of us so we stopped to see what was going on. We soon realised that it was Koalas sitting up in trees doing their thing( eating leaves and, well, hanging around), very cool to see them in their natural habitat. We past through Apollo Bay where we stopped for a little lunch, much to our delight the rain was thinning. Famous for it's seafood, it was a quaint little town that once again I would very much like to see bathed in sunlight. Another fairly short drive took us along more spectacular sights, this time through Otway National Park, coming out just short of the site of the Twelve Apostles. We parked across the road from them in a huge car park that was pretty much full of cars, buses and the like. We made our way toward the awe inspiring sentinels with the hundreds of other likeminded tourists'. Upon reaching them I was again gob smacked at another awesome sight offered by this incredible country we temporarily inhabit. I was reminded of just how struck we all were by the Great Australian Bight, at the sheer magnitude of it and our seeming insignificance when standing atop it. The feeling here was similar, photos or watching film just cannot do it justice. It is impossible to really glean any significant impression of its signifcance without experiencing it firsthand. Unfortunately only eight of the twelve are still standing; however their mesmerizing qualities are not diminished in any way.

Tonight we are in Port Campbell, and will stop here for a couple of days( believe it or not it's warming up, going to be 36 supposedly on Wed, although it's still freezing tonight). One thing about getting home that we are looking forward to is to have a summer, Victorians just don't seem to get one, it must drive them nuts. Give me a long hot summer any day.


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