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Pictutre with Santa

Independence monument


Keep out!

Night fruit stand

Having fun

Traditional apprach to health - looks painful

Discovering water

Phnom Penh monks on the move

Stone carving place

Portable gas pump

Market scene

Central market


Treats to go at lunch-break

Serious business of choosing a treat


Loading more bicycles on top

Noon-time nap

Elephant in the middle of a street

Elephant on a sidewalk

Fish seller

Fresh fish


Hanging out with tri-shaw drivers at our fave coffee stand

Head shaving in progress

Almost there

He decided he had enough of the shaving business - watch for...


Nap time

Ice delivery

Listening to portable radio

Getting our bikes cleaned

An alley


Big pots for cooking massive amounts of rice

On their way


Transporting goods

Shaved ice treats


Transporting people

Transporting people

Phnom Penh has the feel of a small city. Traffic flows at all times of day. You must keep moving at all times to flow with it. Everyone moves at a slow and steady pace. Three rivers meet at Phnom Penh; the Tonle Sap River, the Bassac River and the mighty Mekong. It has a beautiful riverfront, lined with countless market stalls at night. The entire length of it comes alive at nighttime with people picnicking everywhere.

Some beautiful colonial architecture gives streets a really neat feel, although it is somewhat dampened by the high fences, decorated with barbed wire and embedded glass. Temples tower over most buildings in town. Roads are mostly paved, but there are still a few dirt roads remaining. Walking up and down the streets lined with local businesses and homes full of people it is hard to believe that it was once completely abandoned, as the Khmer Rouge gave everyone three days to leave the city in 1975.

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