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Cardona family missing dad, Jésus

Natilla and aguardiente

Deserted beach

Managed to finally leave the city for a few days. It was a bit long winded, had to fly from Bogotá to Medellín (8am) and take another flight to Bahía Solano (delayed 2 hours in Medellín). One good thing that came out of it was that I discovered that there is an airport in the middle of Medellín, Olaya Herrera. The last time I flew there from Bogotá, the ticket I had was to a place called Rio Negro which was also referred to as Medellín... bit of a Ryanair scam..... the airport was an hour's taxi ride away from the city, just the taxi ride itself cost more than the bus ticket from Bogotá!!!!! You live and learn.

Anyway, Cesar, the son of the owner of the posada where I was going to stay, warned me that the road from the sirport to the posada 14kms away was bad. I didn't believe him., I sat there thinking that I had seen and experienced some really bad roads in Tanzania, there was no way that it could be any worse here........ If I used the word shocking, it wouldn't come close, the short trip took over an hour. My the time I got to my cabin, I headed straight for the hammock for a lie down. It had been a very long day.

Bahía Solano.... relaxing place, ate fish just about every day.... great!

Met the cardona family from Medellín. People from Medellín are known as Paisas anyway, this Paisa family sort of adopted me for a few days. I started to get a bit worried when they started to call me Juana (which is similar to my middle name Juanita), it progressed to Juana de Arco (Joan of Arc). I really wasn't sure why and quite honestly I didn't have the strength to ask, the dad Jésus just kept taking the p*ss the whole time asking me if I loved Jesus and had Jesus in my heart..... I couldn't really fight back, I had been taught any rude retorts on my course at Javeriana so I had to grin and bear it!

The family asked me if i had been to Medellín, I told them that I had and was less than impressed preferring Bogotá. They very kindly offered me a plcae to stay when I come back to Colombia and also offered to show me what the city has to offer! I might well take them up on it....

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