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Buffalo and chicken

A mom and her puppies

Three buds

Village road

A little boy

On her way

Turned to look

We stayed with this little girl's family

Checking us out


Little guy

Little guy still not warming up

A cool dude

The family


Rice drying

A puppy and a pig

Tbeng Meanchey - sun setting on garbage

Tbeng Meanchey entertainer

Tbeng Meanchey street scene

Distance: 25.1km

In the morning the entire village came out to see the two of us, especially children. They were happy to pose for pictures, and although some were quite shy their curiosity caused them to keep coming back. Below the house there were two sets of puppies, each huddled together around a dying fire to keep warm. There were pigs, chickens, ducks, and water buffaloes running around the house. After we packed up our things, the family shared some breakfast with us. It was really nice. The little girl finally warmed up to us. After taking photos of the family, and writing down their approximate address we gave the father an envelope with some money. They did not expect payment for their generosity. In fact, as Myles handed him the envelope he studied it very closely not knowing what it was at first. Later he opened it and showed everyone the contents. They were quite taken aback, and very appreciative. We mostly didn't want to put them out, as they so willingly shared what little they had. We didn't want to offend them, but it turned out to be the right thing to do.

After saying our goodbyes we walked our bikes to the junction, and slowly rode off in the direction of Tbeng Meanchey. It was a mere 25km away, had we known that for sure last night, we wouldn't have shared this wonderful experience with the family.

Tbeng Meanchey is just another dusty, Cambodian town. It has the most garbage on the streets that we've seen so far. It boasts 24hour electricity, and we managed to find a place with some desperately needed hot showers. We ate at a restaurant with several items on their menu, which was rather exciting. With Christmas happening in just a few short days, we decided to catch transport to Kampong Thom the next morning. We learned that the next town was some 160km away, with little in between.

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