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Helen on the longest escalator in the world

Doug at the zoological gardens

View of the city from the Peak

Night view from the Peak

The Lippo building

The Star ferry heading for Hong Kong Island

Light show seen from Kowloon

Doug at the firing of the Noonday Gun

Feng Shui - the architect's nightmare (note hole in building)

This sums up Hong Kong!

The last Asia picture

After 5,500 miles of travelling since Bangkok we arrived in Hong Kong on 6th November after two slightly wierd days in China.

China didn't leave much of an impression on us, it seemed very western in parts. We spent most of our time there on the train, and the best bit was when peddlers came along the train selling magic tricks, we got singled out for being English, I think we were a phenomena not normally seen there! Even the immigration officials asked us in wonder why we were travelling overland!

Hong Kong was fun at first but got really boring. It was basically one big shopping mall and you could get everywhere by covered walkway or subway. After doing the sights we needed money to do anything, beer was 4 pounds a pint!

We went up The Peak on the Peak Tram which was really good although they've ruined it up there by putting a huge wok-shaped shopping centre right at the top, shame. Good views though. We did a lot of walking around staring up at big buildings and saw the Noonday Gun being fired. That was pretty much it, although Doug did manage to get a pint of London Pride on the last night, some things were so English, others were totally Chinese - a wierd place.

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