Christine's Adventures 2004/05 travel blog

Me at Puzzling World

Hey all,

Well I am going to make a posting even though there really isn't a point. Yesterday was kick ass!! I loved it and by far the best thing I have done here so far... and one of the coolest things I have ever done. We had to crawl down ice hole and crawl out of them, the helicopter landing 2m above us (I checked the video and it is super cool!!) So anyway today I am exhausted and my knees really hurt and are very bruised. Anyway today was just a travel day.. nothing too exciting. Which is fine with me considering the past 2 days. Anyway I am heading to Queenstown tomorrow and I am going to chill out there for a couple days cause it is supposed to be super cool.

Take Care, Christine

P.S. This the home of the first bungee jump... I promise I am NOT doing that!!

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