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Namibia greenish

Namibia greenish

Namibia greenish

Skeleton Coast sign

Out the window

Yep, not alot of life here!!!

Sea at last. Thats the Atlantic

The desert drive today. Drove to the skeleton coast where the sand starts and all civilization is left behind. The drive is pretty spectacular, absolute flatness of sand with a few dunes dotted around and the Atlantic Ocean on the right.

Went to the seal colony, there were thousands with pups and smelt mainly of fish. There were a few bull seals some looking rather battered and cut. Fighting over women I suppose!

We were supposed to bush camp but decided against this as it was quite windy and cold, the tents don't hold up to well in the wind. Decided that we would push on to Swakopmund.

Swakopmund was initially built on the back of the uranium mine, the biggest open pit mine in the world. At full capacity the mine can extract 1 million tonnes of ore a week. Now Swakopmunds main income is tourism.

Arrived at about 4pm at the hostel we were staying at and were told that they were having a bin bag party at 7:30pm. Great could do with getting pissed. Louise made me a costume and proceeded to get pissed. The bar was located conviently in the same area as the indoor swimming pool. Guess what, funnily by the end of the night there was a lot of water out of the pool. Bombing was officially in tonight.

Stated something to Sarah C that was a little out of order to do in front of a few people. Later all was forgotten and some how we ended up kissing. Hmmm....... Not really sure how that happened.

Went to bed not sure when and got back up as I had left my flip flops in the bar and would probably loose them if I did not go to get them. Found them in the bar, Rowena came in and ended up having a few more drinks then finally made it to bed.

Earlier that day Sarah and I received a letter from Rachel that she left a few weeks before for us. She said that we would have a good time at 'Dunes'. We did and it was one of the best nights for a long time.

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