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The first snow in Edmonton

Wee Gavin fell in the muck - he looks happy about it...


Andrea and Brian's chariot

Okay don't faint guys - yes it is Brian doing some work...

Snow Angel before

Snow Angel after

The start of a long winter ahead for these guys

There ye go real proof of the temperature


the land of no corners


That day Sam's paws had got a bit frostbitten

Merry Christmas!!

The first glimpse of the Rockies for us

Mountain sheep - steady boys

Happy 60th mom

Ice ice baby

Doesn't he look happy to climb that behind him

Andrea just doesn't know what's ahead of her

How about this for a gingerbread house


The 3 white ninjas



The irishman loves the refreshing wind

our indoor pool

The happy couple Andrea's sister Deanna and Csaba



Banff Springs Hotel

The outdoor hot pool


The crazy girl in the snow

Adonis in full flight

A view of Banff Springs

Frozen river

Frozen river - well nearly

Exactly a month after arriving in Northern Ireland, we were on a plane again headed back to snowy Alberta.

All I can say is that it is a "dry cold"... minus 40oC only sounds bad. One has to experience it for themselves to really understand a Canadian winter - hint, hint!

Once we arrived back, Andrea started on some contract work in Calgary for a Communications and Marketing Agency. On her first day there, she ended up working a 15 hour day and meeting Alberta's Premier, Ralph Klein at the end of it all. Quite a first day eh? Unfortunately, the contract hasn't yet gone any further as we are waiting for the client to get back to us. He is out of the country a lot and seems to have taken December off. Time will tell.

Brian is keen to start his re-training in Sports Therapy Massage in the spring (March 07). We actually met on a massage course in Northern Ireland back in 1998 and he has always wondered about going further with it and maybe someday starting up his own practice. Any guinea pigs out there needing a rub? Sorry, "no happy endings" as they call it in Asia.;-)

We are still waiting to decide where we will set up our home...Edmonton, Calgary or perhaps even Paradise Valley - who knows. It's kind of the catch 22 situation - waiting to hear about jobs before we set down roots anywhere. But we will remain positive and patient and see what 2007 brings.

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