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A real Ulster fry - "heart-attack-pack"

What cuties!!! (Christopher 9, Johnathan 5, and Brian - a bit older)

Six mile water - it's a river near where we lived


My brother and sister in law Chris and Helena

This was taken just before we got hit on the head by...

A bent stick

A happy family

yellow card?

Bionic Boy or is it a Power Ranger?

Real sausages with real chips arrrggggghh


Robert and Anne (outside) Julie and Andrew (inside) after a few drinks

Christopher at his school harvest play

Wee Jonny coming home from school

The three girls during a couple of drinks

Friends Gaye and DJ

People asked us what we had missed the most from Northern Ireland...

Here are a few of our favourite things...

1. the food - in particular, Mom and Dad's cooking! You can never beat an Ulster Fry or sausages and chips! Yummy!

2. playing with the nephews and watching them grow up - we had great fun trying to make that boomerang work and kicking the old football around. Christopher was a wee star in his school play and Jonny looked all grown up in his school uniform.

3. hanging out with friends and having girlie nights

4. just being home again.

PS: you might have noticed Christopher in his Jujitsu robes and yellow belt. He has now moved on to his orange belt since early December! Well done!

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