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We missed out on taking the Skunk Train through the Redwoods but got to drive through them anyway. They truly are amazing and well worth a look. You were almost in the dark in some areas as the overhead coverage was so thick. The fog was quite thick in spots but made for an incredibly view. However as it was getting late as we had spent so much time in Mendocino, it had gotten quite dark and between the thick fog, bad roads, and mountain driving, it was slow going. We looked forward to seeing it in the morning as we had passed several old farm buildings that Mum wanted to get shots of.

Cloverdale was our stop for the night and we got in in the rain and darkness but got set up after dealing with the electricity tripping constantly at the first site but finding the next okay. We got quite wet setting up but dried off alright.

It was hard to find this place as the petrol station we pulled up too to get fuel and directions, sent us in the wrong way. GREAT, but at least we got to see many houses in full Christmas decorations. The town also looked really good as it had also done well with the decorations. Too bad I couldn't get any shots but being behind the steering wheel limits me somewhat.

Once on the right track, it took so long to get there we thought we may have passed it. They obviously have many comments on that as they eventually had a few signs stating 'you're almost there' and 'not much further'. They advertised that they had Gum trees but we didn't see any. Not there at least but we did get to see a lot elsewhere.

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