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Burmese countryside

The Germantor trying to teach me to roll my chnace!!

Hsipaw life

Help!! We stranded!!! The military help us on our way.

Thanks boys....on the road again...

Maybe just alittle lost!

Hsipaw life

Hsipaw life

Around Hsipaw

Hsipaw..we made some little friends outside the beer station!

5 buddhas temple

5 buddhas

Shan Festival

Pool place - nice poster!!


Hien and Min


Waterfall love!! The Burmese men are affectionate...


5 little ducklings


Hsipaw Pagoda

Hsipaw Pagoda

Yes...this is the's not for show!

Max, Chris and I took an 8 hour train rode to Hsipaw. We found ways to amuse ourselves. I had decided that I was going to take up knitting! Yes 27 yrs old it's about time I know how to knit....and properly (That's the difficult bit I've now decided!!!). I spend so much time on buses, boats, trains and waiting around for all three that what better way to pass the time.

In Taungyi I took the time to carefully choose my wool and needles ready for the great scarf that Max will be the lucky owner of! Mainly because he doesn't think I will finish it!!! So of course I will and then I will MAKE him wear it. (To be honest I know he will as he's still modeling his red-hat purchase from Thailand which had 4 holes in it when he first bought it!!) So he clearly enjoys knitted items with "character".

So some wool, some needles, but no idea how to start. After many attempts and asking some local ladies....we were still none the wiser. I still could not knit! Instead we decided to be creative and ended up making friendship bracelets which was fun. I was pretty gutted though as Max clearly had a talent compared to me, out-shining my attempts each-time. Oh well.....the knitting will surely out do his bracelet skills, eventually!!! Just wait!

Hsipaw was a great town and we could have stayed longer if it was not for time. Unfortunately Max was ill again and then me....I'm not sure how. My illness was strange. I felt real sick and threw up a whole bin full and then was OK again?!! How can that be when all I ate that day was bread and cakes from the local bakery!!!! One of my healthier days! Anyhow....a 12hour thing. I was fine again soon and ready for the 3 of us to hire motorcycles!! Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeee............

Our plan was to head to a damn, waterfall and some hot-springs. 10 minutes or so out of town and Chris's bike conks out! Typical. With the help of the Military we get back on the road and successfully get lost before we've even really started!! We decide on an early lunch stop and end up befriending some local lads who are pleased to accompany us and show us about. Result! We had a fun afternoon with them. The lads then invited us to attend the Shan Festival with them that evening, where the whole town seemed to be going. Set at a Pagoda, there was Shan-style singing and dancing and a market on. We mainly sat in a teashop like most enjoying the sugary pancakes. Yummy....

We spend a few days with some of the boys Min, Hien and Champra. They showed us to some local attractions and took us where they went on a night. Down the pool club! This was great fun. Playing group pool games and killer.

All in all the three of us had a great time in Hsipaw mainly due to the lads we met. They really looked after us and were proud to show how they lived and their town. However it was time to move on again. This time to Mandalay. Another long bus ride!

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