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Bernard (JLB)

Hi All,

Thank you for your continued interest in "Jamie's Lovely Beard" it's becoming quite a hot topic and I'm thinking about setting up a new web site dedicated entirely to it's antics... In honour of his popularity today I'm going to write entirely from it's perspective - So you (the readers) can really understand what it's like being stuck to my face!!


Hello Readers,

Today started fairly similar to any other in NZ. I got a little wet on the way to the bathroom (it was raining this morning) but the master (Jamie) quickly dried me with the sleeve of his hoodie so the unpleasent feeling didn't last long.

The master had a an egg roll for breakfast and (despite dropping a little bit on me) it was nice to see him enjoying his food so much. After breakfast the master gave me a little trim before a shower, shampoo and dry - I felt like a million dollars when he was finished!

I saw (on the masters web site) that some of his readers are talking about me being ginger and (even worse) insinuating I won't grow fully... I assure you this is not the case. I am a rich dark colour and with the masters daily shaving I'm sure I would be as thick and full as any one of my idols from ZZ Top!!

After my wash, the master took me (and his mistress) on a lovely walk around Kaikora, we saw seals (they don't look after their beards like the master) and birds a plenty. Then we went to a cafe for an iced coffee (the master was very considerate and used a straw so I dodn't get cold and damp).

After their coffees we went to a local airfield for a whale spotting flight... We (me, the master and his mistress) saw two 18 metre sperm whales and a pod of over 200 dolphins... Which I'm sorry to say the master will be swimming with tomorrow (I hate all that sea water it's really no good for my sheen). The master (and his mistress) seemed delighted with what they had seen and as it was my first flight (since being born only a couple of weeks ago) I was terribly excited!!

Not sure what the master has planned for this evening but I saw a rather lovely shampoo and conditioning set in one of the shops the master's mistress dragged him into... Maybe if he'll buy them and spend the afternoon washing and preening me (a beard can dream can't he)?

I hope all my beardy chums are well and will leave you with this bit of (beardy) advice - Make every day count... You never know how long you've got in this fickle world of fashion... After all, it could be hair today, gone tomorrow!

Thanks for reading an your lovely messages. Love Jamie's Lovely Beard (AKA Bernard) xx

(Read more of JLB's exciting stories soon at - www.jamieslovelybeardadventures.com)


I hope you enjoyed getting to know "JLB" a little better and promise you a rather more sane (and informative) update tomorrow!!

Love J & J xx

PS - While I'm losing the plot Jodie has been slaving away on adding new photo's to the site so please look back for updates!

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