Christine's Adventures 2004/05 travel blog

Largest seal colony in New Zealand

Spot the seal in this photo!! ha ha This is a southern...

Oops we woke her up!!

Me at the Pancake Rocks

Pancake Rocks

Garbage Bag Party.... I was the designer of this wonderful outfits (LtoR)...

The crew

The bus

Hello again,

Well today we spent most of the day travelling. We are starting to get into the Southern Alps and the views are beautiful. We did a walk early this morning to view a seal colony. That was pretty cool watching the seals... though they were kinda far away. Anyway I started walking back and then I spotted a seal that was off the track by the water... so I jumped off the path and took some pics of it sleeping. I wasn't really scared until it woke up and yawned and I saw the teeth on the bloody thing. Oh well... I got some great pictures. We all then proceeded to Mahinapua.. what is that you might ask, well it is a place that is only the bar/hotel. SOOOO MUCH FUN. The guys dressed up like girls (some are much better at being women) and the girls dressed up in garbage bags (I designed all the outfits for our girl crew... ha ha.. I am the Vera Wang of garbage bags now) We all ended up getting hammered and having a great time... I was a great time partying it up with Les, the owner of the bar and hotel who is 90 years old... Great time.

Anyway we are heading to Franz Joesph tomorrow so that should be a good time

Talk to you all later :)


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