The Swaffield and Ladd Trip 2004-5 travel blog

Basin Lake, Frazer Island

A crystal clear stream - totally silent as there are no rocks...

Lake Mackenzie

The view from Indian Head looking to the north

The view from Indian Head looking south down Seventy Five Mile beach

Carrie in front of the wreck of the Maheno - 2 stories...

Eli Creek

Sunset over mainland Australia

The view from the bus as we head down the beach

And so it was off to Frazer Island - the world's largest sand island I'll have you know.

Having weighed up the thousands of options available to tour the island we decided to avoid the self drive tours and go with a company that took you to all of the sights on the island. It turned out to be a wise choice hearing some of the stories on the island about jeep crashes and injuries.

Over the 2 days we visited the 2 lakes on the island which were crystal clear and went swimming in them. The first, Basin Lake, we swam across in search of turtles but didn't manage to find any. As we got into the water though a 2 metre monitor lizard got out and walked up the beach to his towel. this meant that I had only one eye looking for turtles as I was also keeping an eye out for any of the lizards extended family.

Everywhere we went we were told at length about taking care as there were dingo's around - 2 people had been attacked on the island and a 9 year old kid died after an attack a few years back. So we dutifully tidied all our food away and kept everything locked away and never saw a single dingo the whole time we were there. Ironically the only food stolen during our stay was the food we left back at the hostel on mainland Australia. Rumours that the Fraser Island dingo's were seen breaststroking to the mainland at the whiff of unlocked coco pops haven't been confirmed.

The second day was spent on and around 75 mile beach (our guide informed us it was around 58km I'm no mathematician but....). We drove up the beach to the northern most point (avoiding the plane landing on the beach) and attempted to drive over the ridge to champagne pools. Unfortunately the sand was too heavy and despite the best efforts of the driver, and a german girl in our group who insisted on trying to dig the bus out singlehandedly and push it up the hill herself it was to no avail and we had to turn back.

The last stop was Eli Creek where we encountered the biggest spiders I have ever seen - abdomen's like golf balls. Our guide informed us they were Golden Orb spiders and when asked if they were poisonous informed us that "yes they would kill you - just like eveything else in this country". At this point I half expected him to laugh manically and go on some sort of killing spree but he just got back in the bus which was a touch disappointing.

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